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The overwhelming demand for 4WD vehicles in Malaysia during the economy and construction boom in the early 90ís and the consequent increase in the demand for better quality 4x4 aftermarket products and accessories had spurred our founder, Raymond Tan to leave the charge of a 4x4 aftermarket products company in 1996 and set up his own company to import, distribute and retail other brand of high quality 4x4 aftermarket products and accessories to cater for the more sophisticated and demanding 4WD owners who just could not compromise with their standard equipped 4WDs and also for those who wish to upgrade their 4WD vehicle for a more comfortable ride and better handling or for towing purposes, light to hard core offroading or even offroad competition and for some owners who just want to spruce up their 4WD vehicle to look different and more stylish than the others.


Thanks to our founderís immense technical knowledge of 4x4 aftermarket products, accessories and the various make and design of 4WD vehicles, worldwide contacts, reputation and the trust and confidence gained over the years we had been able to secure the sole- distributorship of some of the world renounced brands of 4x4 aftermarket products and accessories, namely: -

  • Tough Dog 4x4 Suspension system (Australia) 

  • 4Way Suspension Products (Australia) 

  • Gitsham Bull Bars (Australia) 

  • U.S Wheels (USA) 


No one, if given the choice, would wish to pay and gamble on an expensive product to see if it is really good, reliable and lasting and more importantly, whether suitable for his/her specific usage and application. So, getting an experienced and honest people in a 4x4 upgrading company who cares to ascertain your problem and specific requirements, to give you the honest and proper advise and finally, to equip your 4WD with the suitable and quality products that will not let you down will save you a lot of hassles, problems and unnecessary spending. Over here in Four Wheeler Parts & Accessories Sdn Bhd is all you are looking for, no gambling, no cheating, no wastage and no compromising.


Everyone knows that in any vehicle you are driving, life is not only in your hands but also the vehicle you are driving, whether on the road or off the road. Hence, we always ensure that the products we sell are not only extensively tasted of their quality and reliability but must also be suitable for a particular usage and can withstand our climatic and terrain conditions and that the parts are properly and correctly fitted according to engineering safety requirements so that the products would not fail and jeopardize your life and of course, your confidence in us. Hence, we do not simply grab any products and sell and we have been very stringent in our selections of the products we wish to distribute and market and that any vehicle we modified was in conformance with the engineering safety requirements. That was how we have survived through the Asian financial crisis, the September 11 terrorist attack and the competition from our competitors and emerged ever stronger.



We believed in continuing to give our customers satisfaction guaranteed and value for money products plus very personalized service and that was why our Raymond Tan was always around in our showroom for consultation and to double check that our products are properly and correctly installed onto your 4WD by our team of experienced and qualified technicians in the shortest time possible and to make your short stay with us comfortable and relaxed wherever possible whilst your 4WD is being done up.

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