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 Tie Downs & Netting

Wheel Chains

Fuel and Water Containers

Fire Extinguishers

Bendix Disc Brake Pads

Towbars & Accessories

Class 2 Towbar ~ Light Duty Class 4 Towbar ~ Heavy Duty
  • Designed for light weight towing.
  • Rated from 900 kg to 1100kg*.
  • Provided with a bolt on a tongue which can be removed when not in use.

  • Suitable for heavy duty towing application such as towing a caravan or boat.
  • Rated from 1500kg to 4000kg*
  • Heavy duty steel construction.
  • The trailer ball mount is easily removed for safety when not in use or to increase departure angle when off road.

Tow Balls Pintle Hooks
  • Tested & rated to 3500kg
  • Chrome plated steel
  • ADR compliant.


  • Tested & rated to 3000kg.
  • Approved for government use.

Metrix Acrylic Products


The quality, metrix range of acrylic head lamp protectors is vehicle specific and designed to protect the entire head lamp and indicator assemblies on most models.


The duoguard combines the style of moulded bonnet protection with the advantages of the traditional bug deflector


Bonnet stone guards offer excellent aerodynamic efficiency and are custom moulded to complement the natural lines of the vehicles.


The traditional bug deflectors is a cost effective means of protecting the bonnet and windscreen against insects and stone.

Window Visors

5" wide tinted plastic window visors available for most 4WDs.

  • Easy installation.

  • Reduce heat and glare.

  • Prevent rain from splashing into the vehicle.

  • Make vehicle look more rugged and stylish.

Snow Mats
  • Made from durable natural rubber.

  • Good for holding water, mud and debris without wetting or dirtying carpets.
  • Suitable for all 4WDs.

Staun Tyre Deflations

Staun Tyre Deflators are the E-A-SY Way to deflate your tyres for increased traction. Simply screw onto your tyre valve to automatically deflate all tyres to your pre-set pressure.


Pro-Air Compressor
  • A powerful and quiet, direct drive compressor which delivers an impressive 32 lpm @ 30 psi.

  • Takes only 3 minutes to pump a 10R.15 off-road tyre from 15 psi to 32 psi and it has at least 40 minutes non-stop operation time before the thermal switch kicks in, which is more than enough capacity for you and a couple of your mates to get your vehicles back on the bitumen.
  • Specifications: Maximum Air Flow: 55 litres per minute, Maximum Voltage: 13.8 volt, Maximum Amperage Draw: 23 A, Maximum Working Pressure: 150 PSI, Maximum Restart Pressure: 200 PSI, Maximum Ambient Temp.: 60C, Minimum Ambient Temp.: -40C, Continuous use: 40 mins @ 30 psi @ 22C

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