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Whatever 4WD you drive, that is a load carrier that fits perfectly

The Thule load carrier system comprises a few basic components that can be varied to suit your needs. Whatever 4WD you are driving, there is always a load carrier to suit. A complete load carrier consists of two carrier bars and four feet that are matched to your particular 4WD model. You can choose between one of the five basic designs shown below :

Load carrier foot for 4WD without gutters. Fits most modern 4WD, with a special kit.

Load carrier foot for 4WD with roof rail. Common on estate 4WD.
Load carrier foot for 4WD with fixed attachment points.
Load carrier foot for 4WD with gutters. Fits most older 4WD.
Load carrier foot for 4WD with factory fitted T-track.

Accessories for special loads

Thule Lappland carrier basket

Exclusive carrier basket made entirely of aluminium and with a large load – carrying are surrounded by a protective frame.

  • The mountings that secure it to the load carrier are adjustable for width and length.

  • Fits both square and aero bars.
  • Available in the following sizes: Thule Lappland 717: 52 x 130cm.
  • Thule Lappland 719: 82 x 130cm. Thule Lappland 718: 82 x 160cm.
  • Thule Lappland 720: 102 x 160cm.
Thule Load Net

Elastic, durable netting with 10 sturdy snap hooks that can be moved.

  • Available in two sizes: Thule 595: 80 x 80cm.
    Thule 595-1: 130 x 90cm

Thule Standard carrier basket

Adjustable ends provide a flat surface for long loads. Double the space by fitting a second basket with adapter 584.

  • Fits square bars. Also fits the aero bars if adapter 878 is used.

  • Available in the following sizes: Thule Standard 581: 80 x 102cm. Thule Standard 582 582: 100 x 102cm. Thule Standard 587: 65 x 102cm.

Carry Your Bike Behind the Car

Thule Hang On 970-3

An easy – to –use bike carrier for cars with towbars. The patented snap-on coupling makes it simple to mount the carrier securely on the towbar.

  • Fits all towbars.

  • Can carry up to three bikes.

  • Soft rubber frame holders.

  • Lockable.

Thule Raider Bike 992

Bike carrier made of sturdy aluminium and designed for simple mounting on 4 x 4s with the spare wheel on the outside.

  • Holds two bikes securely in place.

  • The Raider Base 990 and the Raider Bike 992 will hold the bikes perfectly in place.
  • The Thule Raider Base 990 can also be adapted to a ski and snowboard carrier.
  • Must be used in conjunction with 990 base unit and the appropiate Raider adapter.
  • Lockable.

The New Thule Polar Luggage Boxes


Dual-Force System


Thule Polar Product facts and figures Polar 100
Art. no 683
Polar 500
Art. no 684
Polar 700
Art. no 685
Length mm 1390 2250 2325
Width mm 905 550 690
Height mm 430 380 370
Volume LTR 350 310 440
Weight kg 11 12 16
Colours Silver/grey Silver/grey Silver/grey
Opening Rear Right side Right side
Lock One point Two point Two point

Fixed points. All Dimensions are external.

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