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Return-to-Centre Steering Stabilizers

The world’s one and only Australian best aftermarket product award winning "Return-to-Centre" steering stabilizers which come with a coil spring insert with the push and pull back to centre effect that help to :-

  • Return the wheels to centre much quicker after turning especially for those with bigger tyres;

  • Eliminate steering wheels kick-back or pull to one side when a tyre hits a pothole, debris or puddle of water or while driving offroad over undulating terrains and mud holes,
  • Reduce shimmy, steering wheel freeplay and shake;
  • Prolong the life of steering components and tyres;
  • Align the vehicle to travel straight and thus reducing the frequency of wheels alignment.

This patented system works constantly, even at lower speeds of the steering control arm and the design was considered as a breakthrough when it was first introduced to the RV and heavy duty truck markets. Now it was made available for most 4WDs. These units will not override or damage power steering units and are in fact recommended for vehicle with power steering which always make the steering too light and difficult to control especially at higher speed.

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