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ToughDog Leaf Springs
are Australian Made

Tough Dog 4WD Leaf Springs are designed and made in Australia. Using quality BHP spring steel ensures a consistently high quality locally produced leaf spring. Tried, tested and proven in the harsh Australian outback, Tough Dog has proven to be very reliable and TOUGH in all conditions.

Tough Dog
leaf springs are a truly progressive rate leaf spring. Each leaf is set slightly higher than the leaf above so there is contact along the whole length of the leaf. There is "Single Stage" and "Two Stage" springs available for different applications. When a load-carrying capacity is desired then a "Two Stage" spring can be used. This will ensure that the vehicle rides on the first stage when empty, thus ensuring a safer & comfortable ride. And when loaded the 2nd stage will progressively come into place, bumping up the spring rate and maintaining ride height. The 2nd stage section will also ensure that the 1st stage section doesn’t become over stressed.

Each leaf is formed to a template, is oil quenched, hardened and tempered before being assembled. The spring is then scragged and load tested (turned inside out) to ensure that the spring retains its height. Some spring have Anti-Friction Pads inserted before assembly and graphite coated to protects the spring against corrosion.

  • 1" to 3" raised height.

  • Light to heavy duty applications available.

  • Interleaf anti-friction pads.

  • Spring surface shot peened to relieve stress.

  • Scragged and load tested to ensure correct height.

  • Australian made using BHP spring steel.

  • Military wrap to protect spring end failure.

  • Comfort, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty options available.

  • 2 – Year / 40,000km warranty (Refer Important Notice & Conditions on Warranty).

Spring Hanger Kits

When installing new springs it is advisable to replace the spring hangers and pins. If these is sign of worn out a regular intervals, particularly after off road use, hangers and pins should be inspected for signs of fatigue, corrosion, wear and damage and be replaced if necessary.

Available for most leaf spring vehicles, Tough Dog greasable spring hanger kits are heavy duty replacement components made to exacting tolerances and nickel plated for long service life.


Tough Dog U-bolts are matched in length to the ToughDog leaf spring range, to accommodate the increase stack height of the Tough Dog spring. (Stack height is the thickness of the spring at the centre bolt).


Tough Dog polyurethane bush is a resilient high grade component specifically manufactured for 4WD applications. Offering longer life when compared to rubber bushes they ensure positive location of suspension component leading to direct responsive steering, low maintenance and improved vehicle stability.

Tough Dog bushes have been developed as a more compliant bush to reduce suspension noise, vibration and harshness. Design features of the leaf spring hanger bushes include concave grooves in the body of the bush allowing for variation in the size of the spring eye and retention of grease reducing friction and binding. This improves suspension performance dramatically.

A wide range of shock absorber bushes as well as suspension control Arm Bush Kits to suit coil spring vehicle are also available.

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