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Important Notice & Conditions on Warranty

  • Valid only if the Warranty Form issued by us (the authorised Sole-distributor) on behalf of 4Way Suspension is duty completed and returned to us within 14 days from the date of purchase.

  • Purchase from any other importers is not covered by this warranty. Please call us to ascertain whether product is supplied by us if you are not sure.

  • Any Tough Dog / 4Way products that do not bear our company’s seal and serial number or do not come with our warranty form could be parallel imported from other unauthorized sources which supply only standard specification products more suitable for Australian terrains, heavier load and heavier 4WDs in Australia. Tough Dog and 4Way products imported by us directly from 4Way Suspension are mostly specially designed, formulated and made for us (these products are not made available to anybody else except us) to suit the Malaysian terrains, lighter load and lighter 4WDs in Malaysia although the vehicle make and model may be the same but it still could vary due to the difference in engine and / or fuel tank capacity and different government’s requirements on vehicle’s specifications in various countries. Even the average size and weight of Australians and Malaysians are different!

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